Tuesday, December 14, 2010

place. well that sounds swell...

Why hello there
blog world.

i have been so meaning to meet you. 
in fact, i have needed this place for quite some time i suppose. 
but i must admit that i have been
avoiding you
for fear of an addiction to blogging that might soak up all my time.

how appropriate then it is
that i decide to commit to you on finals week.

This semester the visual arts program emphasized putting focus on
the theme and concept of 
i suppose you could say it was given as a
framework for students to launch
into their own ideas from. 
in reference to that,
  i think that it is fascinating that this
intangible virtual world
(the internet)
has evolved into a place.
 one with such gravity and profound presence.
a place that in fact, within it possesses so many more
(facebook, blogs, google)
and that those places have become ingrained so deeply 
in our culture and in our lives that
whether we like it or not
complain or embrace it
this place has become part of the contemporary paradigm we live in
effecting us
as we effect it.

sometimes i have trouble embracing
this place.

But you know what blog world?
i think,  
(future blog addict or not)
that i am actually honestly and truly excited to be here.

and for dessert,
an abstract taste of my place...